ExecFocus Marketing Services feature Search Match and Recursive Trends (SMaRT) technology

SMaRT is designed to "hunt" for the top keywords on Google, Overture and other major search engines and compare the results to KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) for optimized results. SMaRT also provides for a server-based submission solution (automated and semi-automated) using two independent servers to insure maximum coverage.

Detailed of services offered by ExecFocus.Net

INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY - ExecFocus can help you define and implement an Internet marketing strategy that is best suited for you. The staff at ExecFocus has over 15 years of experience marketing services in Los Angeles, California and around the globe.

ONLINE ADVERTISING - ExecFocus uses all the tools offered by the Net to insure that your web presence will result in increased traffic and revenues. Our marketing services can be as targeted as needed or as broad as required to insure maximum impact and optimum results.

OPTIMIZED CONTENT - With hundreds, and sometimes thousands of web sites competing for the same customers, the content of a site is critical. ExecFocus can provide you with content that is optimized to insure web site placement, especially when combined with one of our other marketing service.

AFFILIATE MARKETING - Affiliate Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to market a product or service on the Net since it is based on a pay-per-action (PPA) model. Drawing on extensive staff experience with some of the most prominent affiliate networks in the world, ExecFocus offers an unparalleled program that will help you insure the success of your affiliate campaign.
PRESS RELEASE SERVICES AND DISTRIBUTION - We highly recommend this very effective tool for generating free publicity via press releases that often lead to articles in news wire and popular magazines. With WEB-PR, we provide writing, review and/or distribution of press releases to as many as 17,000 media outlets in the United States and Canada.

E-MAIL PROMOTIONS - Advertising via opt-in e-mail or newsletters remains one of the most effective ways to market any product or service, and ExecFocus can help you select—and implement—the best possible campaign. We have access to comprehensive opt-in e-mail lists to reach audiences in Los Angeles, California, as well as national and international markets.

INTERNATIONAL OPTIMIZATION AND ADVERTISING - With partnerships across the world (including our Korean sister site Execfocus.co.kr), ExecFocus.Net offers extensive experience in internationalization of web sites. We offer expertise in international marketing services for Asia, Europe and Latin America.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Our search engine optimization (SEO) uses a proven technique to identify the best keywords to optimize your site. Our approach relies on cross referencing five major databases to insure that the terms that you will be using are the best across the Net.

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Online Advertising Services

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internet marketing services

We Offer State-Of-The-Art Technology Piloted by Experts in Internet Marketing and Online Advertising.

Our advertising technology and marketing techniques include SMaRT SEO and WEBSAT, the kind of solutions that have generated unparalleled successes in optimization of keywords and key-terms and promoted numerous sites to the top ranking of major search engine. This technology and know-how is only available to our clients.


Online Advertising and Internet Marketing Expertise

ExecFocus.Net offers full marketing services that fit all of our customers needs and budgets, from a simple boost in the optimization of your web site to our complete e-commerce solution.

Online Advertising

When it comes to creative and concept, only one thing counts, imagination and we have an infinite capability of providing our clients with creatives and designs that rivals any one else. However, what we also bring in the equation is the ability to understand your target audience and create unique message that are compelling to the demographic your are trying to reach. From brochures, radio commercials, TV Spot or web design and content development or creatives, we can help you get your message across. more

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Marketing Services and Marketing Strategy

Any good marketing plan start with a solid strategy, and this is precisely what we offer to our clients. Our initial FREE web site review and FREE consultation to better assess your need is designed to better understand your goals and tailor a marketing package that is unique to you. And while we offer "canned" marketing solutions like SEO, ppc management or affiliate marketing, we believe in offering YOU the best possible options to success. more

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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (also known as search engine optimization or SEO) is rapidly becoming the darling of all web site owners since it promises high volume of traffic for a relatively low initial costs. This notion has been fueled by "flight by night" marketing "gurus" who claim submission to hundred of thousands of search engines and top ranking within days. However, as most web site owner who tried the "guru" approach come to realize, SEO is a complex, time consuming process that requires patience and great skills. ExecFocus has the skill and the technology (SMaRT SEO) that has enabled most of our clients to see their sites reach the top of the search engines. more

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Affiliate Marketing

For customer acquisition and to sell a product or service on the Internet, nothing compares to affiliate marketing as the most cost effective way to market something. After all most businesses (us included) would be too happy to pay a pre-determined finder's fee to someone who brings a paying customer to our door. Additionally, when you take into consideration the fact that this customer's return will in all likeliness be free of any commission obligations on your part, affiliate marketing is not something to consider but rather a must have for any e-commerce site. more

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Pay Per Click and Pay Per Action Advertising

While Overture, Google and MSN dictate the bulk of the Internet traffic resulting from searches, and, as a result, most of the advertising revenues, there are well over 300 smaller search engines and directories that feed millions of results to people searching the Net. Furthermore, and quite often, these sites feed search results to Google, Yahoo, Overture and MSN, and share in the revenues. Our approach aided by our SMaRT technology is designed to test and select the best and most effective search engines for you and find ways to promote your product or service for well below the costs of running an ad campaign on Google or/and Overture alone. more

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eMail Marketing

e-Mail marketing remains one of the most effective way to reach customers and promote a product or service. We can provide you with lists that are highly targeted or lists that target 50,000,000 potential customers across the US. Whatever your needs, we can assist you reach your customer in any demographics. more

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Web Site Design and Development

While many web sites developers do a fantastic job creating magnificent sites with Flash intros and music. However few really understand the need to design a site that will be indexed and ranked high in the search engines. Our designing team specializes in designing exciting web site that are created with search engine marketing in mind and we offer several options from sophisticated yet inexpensive templates to custom designed and coded sites. more

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Press Release Distribution

Press Releases are one of the best and most cost effective way to get advertising for your web site and business. Our highly targeted media lists can deliver your message to thousands of newspaper, magazines, TV editor who are always on the lookout for new and fresh stories. more

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Web Site Localization

With the global economy, many of our customers' products and service are in high demand across the globe. And while the language of business remains English, when it comes to understanding a product or service, nothing can replace the subtleties of a native language. An internationalize web site will open the gate of foreign customers and increase your revenues. more

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We also offer highly specialized search engine optimization packages using our Search Match and Recursive Trends (SMaRT) technology. They include:

SMaRT SEO™ Basic- Our basic package includes full optimization of your Home page as well as submission services to all search engines for 30 days.

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SMaRT SEO-Enhance - This is the SMaRT SEO™ services as describe above except for 90 days. This package is highly recommended for new web sites or web sites that need to improve ranking.

SMaRT SEO-Complete – This is the SMaRT SEO™ services as describe above except for 365 days. This package is highly recommended for web sites that need to maintain their ranking via continued optimization and submission to all search engines.

SMaRT SEO+ - Service includes SEO Enhance as well as the establishment of 50 reciprocal links to boost your ranking on Google.

SMaRT SEO-Business - The package includes SMaRT SEO-Enhance as well as submission to all paid directories (ask Jeeves, Yahoo, Alta Vista, etc.).

SMaRT SEO-WEBSAT - This package offers a great solution for e-commerce sites offering multiple products or services and is designed around satellite sites consisting of 6 to 7 page each, and designed to promote one specific product or service.

SMaRT SEO-Commerce - This is our most comprehensive web solution package. It includes SMaRT SEO-Enhance, 50 reciprocal links, insertions in all paid directories plus the creation of five WEBSAT sites.

SMaRT SEO-Global – This service consists of our SMaRT SEO™ optimization and submission services to the main search engines in Latin America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa. (package code: WEB-Global)

SMaRT SEO-Maintenance - On-going maintenance of your Search Engine Optimization and submissions needs. The maintenance is priced on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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